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About Us

ESE Carbon Company was founded in 2011 by a family of automotive enthusiasts with the vision of making the worlds lightest, strongest and most advanced carbon fiber one-piece wheels available. What began as a vision, in the unfamiliar and developing carbon fiber manufacturing industry, has become a passionate mission to drive innovation in carbon fiber composites like never before.

Backed by nearly a decade of innovation, extensive engineering, testing iterations, and emotional ups and downs their talented team of advanced composite experts are more driven than ever to make a difference in the carbon fiber marketplace. The team’s passion and determination is evident in the engineered E2 one-piece, one-cure, all carbon fiber composite wheel. During the years of ESE’s intense research, development and exploration they have developed a variety of processes that have allowed the E2 to surpass existing products and technologies found within the market today.

ESE Carbon Company has successfully vertically integrated multiple businesses to further enhance their efficiency, quality, consistency and agility further expediting their production capabilities.

The benefits of the ESE manufacturing process is the Class A finish, enhanced fatigue resistance, superior strength, beautiful aesthetics, rate of manufacturing and cost effectiveness. ESE continues to invest internally with the addition of a 5-Axis CNC precision machining team, advanced structural composite parts manufacturing capabilities, tailored fiber placement, multiple autoclaves along with robotics further automating our production. All of our manufacturing and engineering design is located within the great state of Georgia.

The benefits of the aforementioned will be seen for the first time in our new E2 line of one-piece, one-cure all carbon fiber composite automotive wheels. The ESE E2 wheel launch is now targeted for launch in 2020 following the SAE wheel standard release. The entire ESE family wants to thank all for your patience and continued support. This has been a significant journey within the world of composites where we are excited for the unveiling of the E2.