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Our ngap process



Our proprietary Process

E1 is made with ESE Carbon’s patented NGAP technology, an exclusive process that produces composites with a higher fiber to resin ratio than any comparable composite, resulting in a lighter and stronger structure.

Autoclave Curing

With the high-pressure autoclave curing of NGAP, our wheels have an exceptionally strong structure. Our process completely saturates the carbon, eliminating all air trapped within the composite. This mitigates any compromise to durability while ensuring excellence in both visual appeal and mechanical performance.

Proprietary Tools

Our proprietary molding technique is a signature step in the E1 building process, mastering the complex geometry of E1 and offering various size molds for our unique drivers. E1 tools are designed to work exclusively with NGAP to provide a seamless saturation process.

Advanced Resin System

Our two-component custom resins possess the best combination of high-temperature tolerance, fast curing, and exceptional mechanical performance properties necessary to produce high quality wheels for high performance applications.


A Word From Our President

  • "The impressive attributes of our E1 wheel are only possible because of our proprietary process, NGAP, which allows us to create high quality, high complexity, autoclave-cured products. With NGAP, our focus has been on creating the most advanced automotive wheels on the market." 

    Carlos Hermida

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